A simple and useful home treatment for the skin

Integrating in our facial care a home treatment for the skin is nothing complicated. Unfortunately our skin is not perfect, but luckily there are very cheap and effective methods that we can use to fix it. Today I am going to teach you a home treatment for the skin that I found to be quite effective. It is not short, but it is a good treatment.

From time immemorial, Asian women have used the products they had at their disposal to whiten and perfect their face to look like authentic dolls, and thanks to the advances of today, we can know their beauty tricks.

This home skin treatment is used to reduce or eliminate blemishes and to prevent them. Above all it is used to improve the marks of acne and wounds, and also to whiten the skin.

White rice

How to use
It is used every night alternating between rice water and lemon. Let it dry, do not rinse.

– Lemon: a half lemon (preferably always new) is poured on the cotton disc, and applied on the clean and dry face. It can also be applied to the neck and décolleté. (Avoiding the contour of the eyes). The next morning it is important to protect yourself well from the sun.

– Rice water: boil the rice, leave it a long time, so that it becomes undone or stays very soft. You must keep (in a boat for example) the white water (with starch), which is what you will use. Let cool and (you can use it for a week). The procedure is the same as the lemon, wet the cotton disc and applied on the face clean and dry, can also be on the neck and décolleté. (Avoiding the contour of the eyes).

This home treatment for the skin is thought to see results fast, in a week you will be seeing results, but it is important to end the treatment. For this treatment to be completed it should have been three months since the first application. Remember also that you must be consistent and use it every night.

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