Acne – Excess Hormones Cause Excess Oil Production

Excess Hormones Cause Excess Oil Production

There are a add up to of factors so as to cause the follicles to grow to be bunged and infected. One crucial reason is the overproduc-tion of androgen. Androgen is a element, or male sex hormone, so as to both males and females normally produce. However, hor-monal changes in the body through puberty, pregnancy, or the female menstrual cycle cause various relatives to produce higher than usual levels of androgen. Although scientists are unsure why, ex-cess androgen stimulates the sebaceous oil glands inside the fol-licles to enlarge and manufacture excess amounts of oil called sebum. Whereas the normal production of sebum is obligatory used for healthy skin, excess sebum leads to the development of acne.

Normally, the sebaceous oil glands produce small amounts of sebum, whose job it is to moisten and keep the skin. In vogue order to prepare this, sebum machinery its way up through the hair follicles, anywhere it washes away uninteresting cells so as to accumulate in the follicles. Then sebum empties on top of the skin through tiny openings in the follicles called pores. Here sebum protects the skin from bacteria so as to live on the skin by washing the bacteria away.

Excess Hormones Cause Excess Oil ProductionHowever, when excess sebum is produced, it accumulates in the follicles slightly than spilling given away on top of the superficial of the skin. This occurs as the follicles are really small and narrow. Therefore, obese volumes of sebum cannot pass through the follicles to the superficial of the skin by the rate the sebum is produced. In-stead, sebum becomes trapped in the follicles, anywhere it mixes with uninteresting skin cells, forms sticky plugs so as to thwart the pores, and pre-vents sebum from attainment the superficial of the skin. At the same time as a product, the skin around the bunged follicles dries given away. At the same generation, since not each follicle becomes bunged, excess grease so as to spills on top of the skin through unclogged follicles causes the skin to feel oily.

Therefore, a person with acne may have dry skin around bunged follicles and oily skin far and wide as well. Worse yet, exclusive of sebum to wash away bacteria on the skin, bacteria grow and multiply around the bunged follicles. Eventu-ally, bacteria prevail on inside the bunged follicles, anywhere they mix with sebum and uninteresting cells and cause an infection. This as a rule commonly occurs on the parts of the body so as to contain the largest sebaceous glands, such as the face, chest, peninsula, shoulders, higher back, and buttocks. The product is the development of lone type of acne lesion acknowledged as a comedone.

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